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you can always take it with you

Cache Vault

a secure vault that is always with you

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Your personal information is, well, yours. So you should be able to take it anywhere you go and know that it is secured.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Cache Vault™ is designed to help you manage the increasing amount of personal information and let you take it with you, securely. It is built to give you a seamless user experience that you come to expect from the revolutionary Apple iPhone™ user interface.

Cache Vault features the unique trueDial™ secure interface to keep your personal information from prying eyes. Behind the scene, it employs the industry-standard AES-256 encryption to keep all your private data safe from hackers. Cache Vault also features Cache Paw™,an embedded web browser that can perform automatic sign-on, and vacantVault™, a self-destruct mechanism to protect your data from unlimited unlock attempts, in the unfortunate event that your iPhone or iPod touch is lost or stolen.