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a language assistant that is always by your side

Designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod® touch, sīt is a powerful lanugage assistant that delivers the world to you from the palm of your hand. It seamlessly integrated the on-board camera with an intuitive image editing feature, an embedded optical character recognition engine, and an online language translation service to help you make sense of texts printed in any one of the 30 languages it support.

sīt makes it easy to target the text that you are interested in with its intuitive image editing feature. Simply take a reasonably clear picture of the text then use its image editing function to straighten and crop the image. Removing noise and targeting only the text of interest greatly improves optical character recognition accuracy. Making sense of any sign and printed material is as simple as point, shoot and see it in the language of your choice.


Cache Vault

a secure vault that is always within your reach

Designed exclusively for the Apple iPhone™ and iPod® touch, Cache Vault provides a secure storage for your credit cards, bank accounts, Internet accounts, identifications, properties and memberships information. It features industry standard encryption for data protection, trueDial™ for intuitive and secure passcode entry, Cache Paw web browser for automatic sign-on, and user configurable vacantVault™ self-destruct mechanism for maximum security.

Cache Vault features the trueDial secure interface for better passcode protection. When using an on-screen keyboard to enter password, it is very easy to leave visible fingerprints on the glossy touch screen. This opens the possibility for thieves to better guess your password by observing the locations of these fingerprints. When you use trueDial, you leave behind fingerprint streaks rather than discrete fingerprint spots on the touch screen. It eliminates the possibility of others guessing your password by examining fingerprints on the touch screen. It is a higher degree of security designed and engineered exclusively for Cache Vault.

Cache Vault employs industry standard AES-256 encryption to safely protect all your personal information. AES-256 encryption has been approved by the U.S. government for protecting government classified top secret documents.

Cache Paw, an embedded browser in Cache Vault, can securely and automatically sign-on into most major web sites. Cache Paw utilizes the information stored in the vault to eliminate the need to enter your user name and password every time you need to access secured web sites.

vacantVault is a self-destruct mechanism in Cache Vault. It destroys all records in the Cache Vault when the number of failed unlock attempt exceeds the limit configured by the user. Data self-destruct is essential for portable, mobile devices that contain sensitive private information.

Cache Vault Free
Now try Cache Vault™ risk-free!

Cache Vault Free is available on the iPhone App Store!

Experience all the security innovations and conveniences in Cache Vault without upfront cost. Try it risk-free and easily migrate your records to Cache Vault when you are ready to upgrade.

Available on the iPhone App Store  

Go to Cache Vault Setup Go to trueDial™ Tutorial
Go to Cache Vault Setup Go to trueDial™ Tutorial